The Slow Cooker Taking Over The Home Appliance Market of 2016

Think about what keeps up from actually having a home cooked meal is always the the incessant lack of time in our daily lives. We want so much for there to be a way that we can play the game and have a good home cooked meal without putting in the hours of prep time we are likely to experience. Not to mention you make one false turn and then whammy your meal is ruined and you end up eating out any ways. The savior of all this the slow cooker and if you go out and get one today I can guarantee it. “Think about the slow cooker as an all in one cooking center, the great American slow cooker is a piece of Americana at its finest and it can really be your best friend if you don’t know a whole lot about food or your way around a kitchen. The think is that it is, “the perfect item for simply heating up canned stuff too, but the great thing about the slow cooker is that they can set it all up even if it’s canned soup or canned chili, in the morning and its ready when you get back from work. There is indeed a lot to be said for a dish that if you leave it on for an hour or 2 or 3 or 10 it will still be pretty good and not really mess up the dish to bad in any way. That is because the temperature is usually so low that you are going to be able to play it by ear. Not to mention if you do a few things at the onset you are going to be able to save up and get away with exploring strange new flavors.You can get the day kicking off right with the Oat Meal and set it the night before using 1 part steel cut oats to 4 parts water. Cook that puppy for 6 hours on low then use honey from the dining hall to sweeten.

Next up you can have a little soup throw 1 1/2 cups dried legumes (lentils, beans, etc.) 1/2 cup rice and or even some grains or seeds like quinoa then add like 2 cups of veggies like you know onions carrots celery and maybe some 6 to 7 cups water salt and pepper to taste in the slow cooker. This one should take you about 5 hours.

You can always go the healthy route with the slow cooker and easily get yourself to shed those pounds by making healthy and simple stews, but sometimes you need a big hunk of meat for dinner and nothing else will satisfy that need. The Slow Cooker has your back and is going to rise and deliver on almost any type of meat you can think of and turn it into pure pulled meaty goodness. The reason being is that it will go into every fiber and deliver quality with little to no effort, you are not going to find the same tenderness and flavor fusion from any other method of cooking.