Revolutionary Appliances for Your Green Home

As environmental concerns become more of a reality than a partisan issue, it becomes increasingly clear that everyone is going to have to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and transition into a different, tech-savvy, and more healthy and sustainable relationship with our environment. Future green homes will likely use less water and energy to complete the same functions, and automated smart features will likely become the norm. But what kind of inventions are actually moving us forward into this more utility-bill-friendly, eco- and tech-savvy time? Here’s an article to show you the progress that inventive scientists have been making in our race to evolve before we carry out undue harm to our planet.

xeros washFor starters, green appliance company Xeros has already invented a waterless washing machine that threatens our most basic assumptions about what it takes to remain clean and hygienic. The Xeros washing machine uses an absorption system instead of a water system, drastically cutting down on the water necessary to get a load of clothing clean. It’s not actually a totally waterless system, but considering you only need a cup of water per load, it’s pretty close to living up to its name. After adding the first cup of water, it is absorbed by plastic chips, eliminating the need for any rinse cycle.

Then there’s the Nano Garden, a new kitchen appliance with tiers that allow for owners to utilize climate-controlled panels, built-in lighting and even a water source attachment to grow herbs and vegetables in their own homes. Light, water, temperature and fertilization can be controlled in each individual tier, enabling the in-home growth of all kinds of plants from all around the world.

steam dishSteam Dishwashers may spell the end of using gallons of water to clean and re-clean the same set of dishes. The Eco-friendly Steam Dishwasher is small enough to fit on your countertop and uses pressurized steam to blast off any food particles that may be stuck to your dishware and utensils. The steam also sanitizes the dishes, meaning that these handy appliances require no detergent whatsoever. The water used to generate the steam is then collected and filtered using the device’s membrane technology, making it possible to be recycled again in the next load.

portable washAnother take on the washing machine (perhaps one of the most water- and energy-wasting appliances in the mainstream) is the Portable Washing Machine, a small square device that can be placed over problem areas and steam out the spots on soiled clothing and fabric. It’s perfect for when a piece of fabric is clean except for one spot bediatorand keeps you from wasting an entire cycle on one spot on one blanket.

This one’s pretty out there, but the Bediator is another take on the issue of heating your house during cold nights. Instead of heating your entire home when all you really need is to sleep warm, you can use the Bediator, which is both a radiator and a bed platform, to keep you warm in the concentrated space you’ll actually use at night. The bediator can also circulate cool air in the summer and has a calendar, built-in alarm clock and thermometor, and can fold up when not in use.