The Slow Cooker Taking Over The Home Appliance Market of 2016

Think about what keeps up from actually having a home cooked meal is always the the incessant lack of time in our daily lives. We want so much for there to be a way that we can

Renovations that are Trendy not Spendy

If you need a small bathroom pick the right fixtures for the project before hand, the same is true of any lighting you are doing for that matter. The truth is that we usually ignore our lighting

Revolutionary Appliances for Your Green Home

As environmental concerns become more of a reality than a partisan issue, it becomes increasingly clear that everyone is going to have to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and transition into a different, tech-savvy,

Appliances are Getting Lighter

In 2016, cars are the newest appliances. As increasingly strict mileage regulations are set in place, automakers are investing more and more time into researching how to make their vehicles lighter. Engineers and researchers are working together

Which Appliances are Driving Up Your Utilities Bill?

High utilities bill adding to your daily stressers? As always, the best way to handle an issue is to educate yourself about it and figure out what your best options ultimately are, before your power cuts out.

Your Guide to Hybrid Appliances

Today there are about 7 million patents, which is an astronomical number when you really think of all the intellectual property this encompasses. But today knowledge only grows more knowledge and the need to create more and

Transmitters; What’s the Deal?

Everything from your cell phone to your internet-of-things toaster uses a transmitter in order to broadcast signals and information from one place to another using only the air. Although the uses for this technology have become increasingly

Is Your Home Ready for a Home Theater?

The point of technology is to make every day tasks more convenient and effective, but it certainly has a tendency to make things more complicated. The transition from satellite to digital cable signals that has occurred in

Safely Recover from Home Power Outages

If all the power in your house goes off but you can see that your neighbors are still using hair dryers and watching movies, you know you’ve got an electrical issue in your private residence (as opposed

Glass Maintenance; You Can Do it Too!

If you have a house, you probably have windows. Otherwise, you might be living in a storage container or a box. Regardless, most domiciles have something in them that’s made of glass, and that glass needs to